Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Scheckter's Organic Energy Review


I'm always in search of the latest and most healthy energy beverages for those afternoon slumps or just days where I lack a great sleep. When I came across Scheckter's Energy drink, I was pretty excited. Why you ask? It is jam packed with all natural organic ingredients for that "natural high". The reason why I say high is because it contains 135 Mg's of organic raw green coffee beans. That is 40% more caffeine than most leading energy drinks on the market. It is also the FIRST 100% natural, organic, and vegetarian-approved energy drink in the U.S. market! It was only just approved and introduced to us in June of this year, 2012! It is also the first energy drink to win a Gold award at the UK's Great Taste Awards.

Scheckter's Story

Schekter's originated from Toby Schekter, a South African native who moved to England, and former race car driver. He worked in motorsport management, where he was in constant contact with energy drink manufacturers. It was through this that, as a regular energy drink consumer, he became tired of ones that were artificially processed. Inspired by his family's organic farm, he made it his goal to invent a better, more naturally derived energy drink.  His goal was simply to do this: "Create a great tasting energy drink using only the healthiest organic ingredients"  And so Scheckter's energy was born.

The PR was gracious enough to send me 4 samples of their energy drinks, along with a surprise t-shirt, wrapped in the coolest can shaped design. 

I got to try out both varieties, Lite and Regular. I've got to hand it to him, it is one tasty energy drink.


Kind of reminiscent of red bull, sans all the overpowering sugar, un-natural flavoring and chemicals. It has an herbal after taste that one may have to get accustomed to, but it didn't bother me at all. It depends what you are used to, and I am used to all kinds of aftertastes. It is definitely a unique and herbal yet fruity taste that I didn't mind lingering on my tongue. It was sweet, but not drastically too sweet, opposed to most energy drinks.

Very similar to regular, only I detected more sweetness in this one. This was definitely my favorite.
Toby's goal for this variety was to "Create a great tasting and healthy energy drink, using the healthiest organic ingredients, with 1/3 less calories than the original, with no added sugar." I think he nailed it on both accounts.

The first can I drank during an afternoon slump, it seemed to perk me up about 30 min after drinking it, but the real kick in the butt happened after the second can. I was considerably more alert and got a lot of cleaning and writing done, as a result. I would say it had the kick equivalency of one cup
of coffee. It did what it claimed to.

      Nutrition and Ingredients

  • Organic raw green coffee bean extract
  • Organic guarana ( for a boost in physical and mental performance from the caffeine)
  • Organic Ginseng (to relieve stress)
  • Organic Green tea (to boost mental focus)
  • 112 calories per can/serving
  • NO artificial sweeteners, colorants, preservatives, or toxic chemical additives
  • 135 Mg's caffeine
  • 112 calories per can/serving 
  • Organic Ginkgo Biloba
  • Organic Pomegranate juice
  • Organic Lemon Juice
  • Organic Elderberry juice 
  • Organic raw fair trade sugar 
  • Natural spring water
  • The same as above, but it is sweetened with organic agave nectar, no added sugars. (Wow, uncanny. This is the first LIGHT drink I have seen WITHOUT artificial sugar. I consider this impressive and a good reason alone, to buy it.)
  • 78 calories per can/serving

Currently, you can purchase Scheckter's at Whole foods, Target and many more locations for $2.30 to $2.50. This is definitely going to be a repurchase for me.

You can learn much more about this energy drink at  http://www.schecktersorganic.com  I love their website design, and the soothing background music. You can also check them out on Facebook for updates and new information.

Unleash the power of natures energy! 

I received this product for the purpose of review. I was not compensated, nor was I asked to give a false positive review. Your opinions may differ from mine. 


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