Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mediterranean snack foods

I had the chance to try out an absolutely scrumptious line called Mediterranean snack foods. 

The bundle of yummy included:
  • Seasalt hummuz crispz
  • Olive Tapenade hummuz crispz
  • Rosemary baked lentil chips-gluten free 
  • Roasted Garlic hummuz crispz
  • Sea Salt baked lentil chips-gluten free 

The Veggie Medley straws were my absolute favorite. They were crunchy and had a blast of delicious vegetable flavor. I could not get enough of these and had to pry them out of my own hands, before eating the whole bag in one sitting. I had these as a side to a chicken sandwich and it was the perfect combo. 

These are a much healthier alternative to regular chips and taste just as good, if not better! With 30% less fat, gluten free and no trans fat, it's hard to go wrong. 

I got a few flavors of the baked crackers and hummuz crackers and I have to say they were all delicious. Some more bland than others, but not too bland. They just needed a little something like hummus dip and salsa to bring out the flavors. My favorite of them all has to be the Garlic and the Roasted red pepper pictured below. The roasted red pepper was extremely flavorful. I loved it, and it paired perfect with some classic Bruscheta , an olive paste I got from one of my fav Fair Trade stores online, and fresh mozzarella  This is an excellent alternative to unhealthy starched and fatty white breads. Just grab some crackers and load on the toppings.

They have a huge variety of Lentil crackers and chips and these are just a few examples.

Mediterranean snacks foods are very healthy. Some great benefits to note: 
  • All natural and free from any additives, chemicals and genetic modification.
  • The baked lentil chips are gluten free 
  • the health of lentil beans baked right in 
  • minimal calories compared to regular chips, given normal portions 
  • baked not fried

You can check out their website for more info and purchase them from stores, such as Publix, Amazon, Whole foods and more. Check their website for store locations.  I highly recommend these as a satisfying and healthy go to for midday snacking.


  1. all i can say is yum yum

  2. These sound and look delicious! Especially those Lentil Crackers!

  3. I would love the veggie straws. I have tried other brands of them and always was a big fan. I think they look yummy.

  4. you just made me so hungry!!!!!! That looks delicious paired up like that.



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