Monday, September 3, 2012

Crispy Green/Fruitzio Freeze dried fruits Review!

 Crispy green & Fruitzio is an all natural line of freeze dried fruit. The company sent me quite a variety to review, and I was so excited to try them all. I'm kind of a fruit fiend. They come bagged in a pretty silver, with the scrumptious pictures of the fruit within displayed. This fruit is 100% freeze dried, with NO added ingredients, no hint of this or that. Nada. It's as simple and clean as you can get. The only sugar involved is the naturally occuring kind inside the fruit itself. I love this. We really do not need more sugar than that, but our bodies are trained to want more in this society. You think you need it, but you don't.

Crispy green & Fruitzio freeze dried fruits were a perfect and very convenient go to snack for me whenever I craved anything sugary! If I craved a brownie or even carbs, I do not lie. It really did curb those cravings. I used these in yogurt, oatmeal, and other cereal. There is a lot you can experiment with and I will have to do that.

It is really interesting how the freeze dried process works, and actually a lot more complicated and involved than people would think. 

The fruit is frozen and then placed in a drying chamber, where heat is emitted into the shelves they sit on. through what is called, the "Sublimation process", water evaporates from the fruit, but it remains frozen. The process is done when all of the water has evaporated. In that kind of dry environment, no microorganisms of any kind can survive in that atmosphere, and enzymatic activities stop as well. 

Things to love:

  • 100 % natural 
  • 55 calories or less per serving! Check out the nutrition factor.

  • The equivalent of at least 1 piece of fruit in every bag. This doesn't substitute regular fruit intake, due to the lack of hydration and some nutrients, but it still very healthy. Especially great for those who have a hard time getting in their nutrients, or do not eat a lot of fruits. Just dump them in your cereal or have them as on the go snack and you are doing your body a favor with the antioxidants and nutrition you otherwise wouldn't have. 
Very important to note. When i looked up the effects freeze drying had on food, I was surprised to find out that it doesn't deprive us of much. "The biggest losses in nutrients through freeze-drying occur in vitamins C, A and E. However, the vitamin losses are mild to moderate. Fiber remains intact, as do anti-oxidants and phytochemicals, which are chemical compounds that may provide protective health benefits."
  • No added sugar
  • Sealed in a moisture free-UV protected package (That is what the "pretty silver" is that I referred to)
  • The freeze dried process ensures that the fruit can be sitting on the shelf for years and it will still be as good as the first time it was made! So no need to worry about when it's going to get bad or if any moisture is going to seep in.
  • Kids will absolutely love this. It's sweet, but not too sweet, and a great way to get them off on the right kind of diet. They won't crave candy as much or at all. I would think very young ones could safely enjoy this as well. It is not hard to bite into and literally melts in your mouth some.
  • They work under strict guidelines
    "Sourced from certified, carefully selected growers who undergo a stringent audit review process. All fruit is processed and freeze dried according to the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system, an international standard that identifies critical control points, sets safety procedures and preventive measures, and maintains strict documentation for certification.

    Crispy Green's manufacturing facilities are kosher certified by Orthodox Union, and do not process products containing peanuts or other tree nuts. View our kosher certificate. Crispy Green® products are packaged in high quality triple-layer poly-bags with an aluminium lining to protect the finished products from moFreeze-dried fruit is made using a freeze-drying process which is simple in concept but involves complex technologies."

    I really like that they take so much care in their developing and manufacturing process. It gives me that much more of a "safe" feeling that I am consuming healthy, clean food. 

    I loved all the fruits, not one complaint about any of them. The only complaint I have is that they are freakin addictive.

    I was sincerely :( to devour the last bag of crispy green fruit I had. This is one company that has me hooked on their product. I will definitely be purchasing, and this will greatly help in my attempt at keeping healthier food intake.

    You can find out more information at

    Here is where you can buy a 36 pack variety  but there are alternatives, such as Amazon

    Make sure to like them on Facebook to keep up with their latest promotions!

    Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this review, nor was i asked to give a false positive opinion. My opinions are my own and may differ from yours.


    1. Great review! Now I will have to get some to try for sure! You wouldnt think they could make them stay so healthy preserved like this!

      1. I know, i really thought they wouldn't have much nutrients left, but they do.

    2. yummy yes they are

    3. I want to try the banana's and pineapple!

    4. I love freeze dried strawberries and mango. Freeze dried fruits also make great little teething snacks :)

    5. I would definitely give these a go based on your review and Birbitt Thinks, the idea of teethers is great! My little girl is still teething and she would love these!

    6. This is one of the BEST reviews I've read on this ! I want to get some badly, perfect for my kids school snacks/lunches. Thank you for being so thorough and covering all the bases for us lazy people !

    7. Excellent review! Now you have me wanting to try these so badly! I am going to check out their site now! :)

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