Friday, September 7, 2012

Rhythm Superfood Kale Chips Review & Giveaway!

I had the chance to try out some delicious chips from Rhythm  Superfoods. Though, when i say chips, I don't mean the traditional kind you are thinking of. I mean wholesome, organic, all natural, non-fatty, vegetables made into chips. The vegetable Kale, to be exact. I've heard of baking Kale into chips, but never actually tried it. Then I bumped into these beauties on a health food site and had to try them.

Rhythm sent me a sample of every flavor they had. Unfortunately, all but two were way too spicey for my wimpy taste buds. Don't think I didn't try, because I did. I actually enjoyed the taste of one, until the fire hit me and I regretted it. My reaction went something like this "Oh, yum, mmmmMMMMother of all that is unspicey, get it out!!" And a glass of juice later, I was saved. I can't complain though, they were really good, until that point.

The Kale chips come in:
Zesty Nacho
Bombay Curry
Kool Ranch
Texas BBQ
Mango Habanero

As you can see, most of them are centered around the "zesty" burn your tongue off variety, which plenty of people love. Just not me.

What my taste buds did ultimately agree on was the Texas BBQ and the Kool Ranch.  The ranch was my favorite. These chips have a very unique taste to them and I really enjoyed it. Kale has a distinct taste on its own, but when mixed with all the spices, the combination is so flavorful, and left me wanting more.

I had no idea what to really expect when I opened the bag, definitely not a bulk of chips. Regardless, it was a tastey bulk. Each individual chip is very thick, bulky and crunchy. Basically, the kale is the actual chip, not kale infused chips. Just a dried vegetable. Nothing at all like your average chip.

Rhythm Kale chips prove to be very healthy from what I have read. Check out the ingredients and nutritional info: Organic kale, organic sunflower seeds, organic tahini, organic onion powder, organic apple cider vinegar, organic evaporated cane juice, organic lemon juice concentrate, organic carrot powder, sea salt, organic spices. That's it. Nothing unpronounceable, processed, or anything else you've seen me complain about enough by now. Pure, raw, goodness, with a significant amount of protein, fiber and nutrition. 

I'm sure 99% of you know that Kale is one of the healthiest veggies you can consume, but do you know just HOW healthy?

Kale is a part of the cabbage family and it is jam packed with powerful nutrients, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and cartenoids. How many vitamins does this beauty carry with it? Vitamin A, C, K, B6, Calcium, Manganese, Iron, Potassium, and fiber.

These chips made an excellent side dish to my veggie hot dog and I also had some as a snack, without feeling hungry afterward. They carry sweet potato chips as well, which I really have to try out!

If you can't wait to try them, you can order the cheapest that i've seen at Amazon for a pack of 4 at $10. It is a little pricey, but they are all organic and with that comes a bigger price tag.

Make sure to 'like' their facebook so you don't miss out on new promotions and information. You can also check out their website for more info and locations that carry it.

Have I convinced you to try out some spicey, vegan, gluten free, jam pack flavored kale chips?   Well, guess what? You can benefit from my wimpy taste buds, because I decided to give away the two bags I didn't open. 

One lucky winner will get two bags of kickin spicey Bombay Curry and Mango Habanero! Good luck!!

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  1. I really like Kale so these actually sound awesome!

  2. i once made my own in the oven lol

  3. I absolutely LOVE Kale, I also LOVE spice!! YUM! Thanks for sharing these, I haven't heard of them before and they sound delicious!

  4. I love Kale and have always wanted to try these! I think they would make a great snack

  5. I have never tried Kale, but have always been curious. I need to try these.

  6. Oh yummy, these sound delish, am def. going to try them

  7. I love spicy so I might try some of these.

  8. This sound delicious! I love kale!

  9. Hmmm, I am not too sure about these! Kale?? May be good though!!

  10. Would like to try Kale chips Texas BBQ!

  11. These sound very interesting, Never heard of them, But love all of your info about them, Great review as always from you, xo

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