Friday, December 13, 2013

#Organize your #Kitchen -The Spices Conundrum

The Spice Stack by Youcopia is the inspiration behind this post. I received it free for consideration. All opinions are my own.

Prior to order of the chaos in my kitchen, I had one of those turn table spice holders you see above. It was nice, but still left a lot to be desired. The sizes have to be just right to fit in it and that never happens.  Or you'd have to fill up and re-label the existing bottles, which you have to wait to finish them up. Obviously not going to happen either. I'd have it shoved in the back to make room for more counter space too. It was barely help for my disorganization and I still had 20 odd other spices I needed to organize. I put them in tins, but that just took up more room! I will say it was a step up from just putting bottles in the cupboard, which half of would be shoved so far back that I'd end up buying duplicates forgetting I had them! 

Guess what my favorite past time is? When the bottles have a mind of their own and jump out of the cupboard. None of you can tell me that hasn't happened. Especially at the most inopportune time, when you're cooking! 

Well, I kissed ALL those problems goodbye with ONE product.

The original spice stack came into my life and all was right in the world. It fit perfectly in my cupboard, but with absolutely no room to spare. I was almost afraid it wouldn't fit judging by the size of it. The specific measurements are Height- 8.5” Width- 8.0” Depth-10.9” So as you can see, it is rather large. This is the size that is supposed to fit into any standard size cupboard. 

See how much room this baby has? It doesn't skimp on design or innovative concept. Trust me when I say this thing is nothing short of amazing and for the price ($24.99 on Amazon!)  It is incredible what you get. The Original Spice Stack holds 18 spices. Even the more larger, longer, thicker and irregular shaped spice bottles. OR you can stack the smaller ones and hold double that! 

This heavy duty plastic spice holder is incredibly easy to use. Especially in the midst of cooking. I don't have to fish for things while my food burns anymore! Yes, that did happen. I'm not too proud to admit it. To use, all you have to do is pull out the drawer containing  the spices you need. Then when done, put the spices back and push it back in. It is very durable, not at all flimsy! 

As you can see, I use a wide variety of spices and flavoring that come in different sizes and shapes and to my delight, they ALL fit perfectly! 

This is one very fast efficient way to organize your spices in a snap and save A LOT of room for other things. I absolutely love having something so convenient as a go to and plan to buy another one soon. They come in different sizes and stainless steel  to appeal to everyone's fancy.  It includes drawer labels as well, but I didn't need those at the moment. I use my spices enough that i know what is where. I could see this working well as an arts and crafts holder too! 

I saved the best for last though and that is the fact that there's no assembly required! It comes fully equipped and ready to use with non skid feet! They're also stackable!  Honestly, this is probably my top favorite product of this decade. It has saved me so much trouble in the kitchen. The spice stack IS all it's stacked up to be.  I know it will solve your spices conundrum too! 

Stay tuned for more kitchen organization where I get a little more creative and stylish. 


  1. I need one of these my spice cabinet is out of control.Crap is always falling out.

  2. This would be great for my newly renovated kitchen. My spice draw is a big hot mess.

  3. That's very nice! I could certainly use one of those. I have way to many spices! lol

  4. I really need one of these! What a great invention, thanks for sharing.

  5. I could use several of these for sure and yes bottle s love to randomly fly out at me too! !!

  6. I have seen this and now I want it even more. My spices are in a basket in my pantry. Bleh. I need a bunch!

  7. I have to get one of these! I either cant reach what I need or I open the cupboard door and they all start falling out lol

  8. That's pretty nifty. I, um, I'm not even going to show you pics of my spice cabinet.

  9. Oh man, I love this! I am definitely going to have to buy this for myself STAT, I am so short that I have trouble seeing things on most shelves at all, but especially when they fall over or are in the back half! Thank you so much for sharing this, this could be life changing for me lol!

  10. This would be great for the extra spices that don't fit in my spice box.



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