Saturday, December 14, 2013

What can I do with expired coffee beans?

Is your coffee too gross to drink? In my search about expired coffee, I encountered so many creative ways to re-use coffee beans and ground coffee when it is too rancid to prepare. Take a gander at this list and see if you can't do some of them. I have already tried out one of these. Using coffee to disguise bad smells is one of the best in existence! 

  • Natural hair enhancer for Brunettes
  • Compost for gardens-once ground
  • Some say the caffeine in coffee is a good cellulite combat. i have yet to try, but here is the recipe:
1 part ground coffee beans
mixed with 2 parts brown sugar
a big dash of vanilla extract
enough oil to make a sludgy paste
Store in a pretty jar and use to exfoliate your legs. Let it soak in for an hour, then shower off. Apply more another hour for a stronger effect. 
  • Some use it in recipes you wouldn't think of, like barbecue sauce and confections. Experiment and see what you come up with! 
  •  Is your child in a play where he will act as an older gentlemen? Get some Vaseline and some ground coffee beans. Smear the Vaseline all over your youths chin and smush coffee beans on it. It will perfectly mimic chin stubble! This is a silly, but clever one and it's proven to work, but watch out if you are prone to clogged pores!
  • Exfoliate by grinding the beans half way and using it with your favorite facial cleanser. Some people swear by this as an exfoliant. 
  • Absorb odors. Apparently coffee is a great odor eliminator! Just put some in a jar and poke holes in the top or put it in a mesh sachet tied up. 
  • Scent replenisher. One person swears that if your nostrils are overcome by different smells all at once, he sniffs a jar of coffee and the next scent he smells, is the only one. 
  • Get rid of bad smells by sprinkling some in a garbage can.
  • Use the beans to make crafty and yummy smelling candles. There are plenty of projects if you Google for them. Here is one: Get some cheap glass votive holders. Fill them with some beans and then place a tea light in the middle. These make beautiful center pieces for fall or anytime and give off a lovely coffee aroma.
  • You can also make a more involved project where you make an actual coffee infused candle. Here is a complete tutorial. Get acquainted with candle making as a whole, before attempting to do this! 
  • Another great project is brewing not so great tasting coffee and then using it as a dye for papers and clothing.  If you want something to look old and weathered, this would be perfect for that. 

Some awesome ideas for you there and i'm sure there are more floating around. If you have any, add them in the comments.

And now I leave you with an oldie but goody that fits the occasion: 

"Keep It Fresh!" 

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